Eye Disease free Villages

About two months back a young person living in village Koltev Boblad just 8 kms from Jalihal came to meet me when I was in Jalihal.  His name is Rohit Kulkarni.  He is a practicing optometrist. He runs a  clinic in Bijapur. We spoke for about three hours. I found him energetic and willing to give services to the society.   After our meeting he started calling me almost every day! He was asking me to give him a change to work for the poor from Jalihal area.  As I was not sure about his real motivation and strengths , it was difficult for me to decide.  

Finally during my week back visit to Jalihal I called him again to Jalihal and discussed.  He was desperate to do something for the society.  We together decided to create  “Eye Disease  free Villages” . YPS Jalihal extension staff and Radio are going to participate in the campaign.  This program consist of  1. Building awareness about Eyes and its care  2. Conducting village wise eye checkup camps in all 22 villages in Village Panchayat and in Schools.  3. Establishing linkages with hospitals to carryout treatment and surgeries.  4. Follow-up of treated patients. 

Mr. Rohit Kulkarni and his team of 6 assistants started conducting eye checkup camps in villages.  They will be completing first round  of conducting camps in 22 villages by 26th June. 2019.   Now various programs to build awareness about Eye health and care are being recorded by radio team.  I am getting reports from the villages that villaers are very happy with this arrangement and about 30 persons who have problem with eyes are being checked in each camp.   Today I got the message  3 old age persons need to be operated for cataract .  Mr. Rohit  s getting the surgeries done in Bijapur free of cost under a central government scheme  (which otherwise would have costed them atlease Rs. 20000 each).                           I am happy to say that  the young generation is coming forward  and taking care of society !

Raja Deshpande